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Solar panels are the future! Use our site to find affordable solar quotes for your home to get solar for as little as $0 down in just 10 easy steps.

We help you find solar quotes at the cheapest rates in the country - guaranteed. This is because we have connections with virtually every solar installer in the country. And while the cost for solar panels might go up, it’s never been easier to get your home solar panels. We can help answer the question “how much do solar panels cost”.

We do this by:

A. Collecting information about you, including your phone number, email and home address

B. Getting some more information about your electric costs to calculate how much going solar will save you

C. Understanding how much sun your roof receives

After collecting this information we can put together all the information to get your system size and battery details. We can also find out how much getting solar panels installed on your roof is going to cost you, based on your energy usage and the cost of the solar panels for your roof. We can also take a dive into the tax incentives for solar in your state! It’s seriously that easy!

In many ways, Solar Save Club is the easiest way to go solar! We combine serious home solar panel buyers with professional solar installers in your area in just minutes! Plus you never have to worry about erroneous advertising - we connect you to a single buyer in your area that we feel is especially tailored to fit your specific needs!

Solar and batteries are essential all the time, but especially in times of crisis. The last thing you want is for your power to be turned off for weeks and all your food to go bad, simply because you’re only connected to the grid for power. Having solar panels when high winds hit, a hurricane happens, or even if there’s a wildfire is more important than ever - especially in times of a pandemic when you spend more time at home than in the past.

Our electric grids are outdated, expensive, and reliant on the government. In fact, it would cost trillions for the necessary updates to the infrastructure - proving that Americans simply can’t wait for the government to solve their problems - especially as solar panels and batteries become increasingly more affordable. Plus, solar panels last a long time and provide financial and emotional peace of mind! The last thing people need to worry about right now is a power blackout. Additionally, solar panels have a wide variety of benefits that other traditional options (like generators) don’t; they don’t require gas, they aren’t noisy, they don’t pollute or emit hazardous gases, and they aren’t dirty. On top of all that, most solar systems and home solar batteries have 10 to 25 year warranties!

In conclusion, Solar Save Club can provide a lot of peace of mind and it’s the right decision for millions of Americans. Many customers find themselves paying less than ever per kilowatt-hour for the cheapest, cleanest power known to man. People are using solar power for their homes via solar panels and battery systems more than ever before. This powers their homes completely during both blackouts and on an everyday basis - saving our customers time, money, and sanity.

Let us help you keep the lights on, keep your family comfortable, and keep your food fresh during any duration of power outage!

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